LA County needs a solution to housing affordability!  Centennial at Tejon Ranch is what LA County needs now more than ever! Please send a letter supporting Centennial to the LA County Regional Planning Commission!

19,000 New Homes
10% Affordable Homes
23,000 Permanent Jobs
Net Zero Water & Electric
Preservation of 240,000 Acres of Natural Open Space

Dear Commissioners:

LA County needs a solution to housing affordability!  Centennial at Tejon Ranch is what LA County needs now more than ever!

The Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), Sierra Club, Audubon California, Endangered Habitats League and the Planning and Conservation League have all agreed to save 90% of the highest value and most biological diverse portions of Tejon Ranch.

Now, Centennial at Tejon Ranch will match the value of this unprecedented conservation and become a national model of an environmentally sustainable community for working-class Angelenos. It will power the entire community with its own clean, renewable energy, including achieving all 2016 CALGreen Tier 1 measures, use state-of-the-art water conservation measures, and with over 95 miles of trails and clustered development, it will allow the future of residences to walk and bike to work, schools, and retail services.

Centennial is a net zero electricity and net zero water community that will provide 19,000 new homes, 1,900 affordable units, 23,000 new jobs, $21.5 million in surplus to the County, all while preserving 240,000 acres of the most pristine natural lands in California.

The County of Los Angeles has already identified Centennial as an Economic Opportunity Area and the new community is consistent with the County’s General Plan.  Further, it is included in the Sustainable Communities Strategy and Regional Transportation Plan for the Southern California Association of Governments.

The solution to our County’s housing affordability crisis is here!

Centennial is designed to be a sustainable, self-contained community. It embraces the smart-growth principles that are highly needed in the County of Los Angeles.

We need to approve this project, begin development on this much-needed community and allow for our housing crisis to come to an end.

Thank you.


California’s Median Housing Price Compared to the United States

California’s median home price is 200% higher than the nation’s median home price, in large part due to slowed home building and increased demand.


LA County Home Price Increase since 2010

Thanks in part to the housing shortage, home prices in Los Angeles County have increased by almost 50% since 2010, making it harder for families to buy homes and lay the groundwork for their financial security.


Number of Homes California Must Build Per Year to Keep Prices in Check

The Legislative Analyst’s Office found that in order to slow the increase in home prices and make housing more affordable, California must build up to 240,000 new housing units per year across the state.

Prices grew $41,000 in the spring of 2018. Predictions are for continuing high prices due to ongoing shortages.

Median Home Price in LA has Swelled to $480,000

The highest level since the Recession, LA Metro area median home prices have swelled to $480,000. This increase in prices led to a massive increase in the amount of money that first time buyers spent on mortgage repayments.

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Housing Prices Rise Faster than Wages

House prices rise much faster than wages, which means that houses become less and less affordable. Anyone who didn’t already own a house before the bubble started growing ends up giving up more and more of their salary simply to pay for a place to live.

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