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The City of Cerritos is currently considering whether to approve the Juliet, a community of 24 single-family detached 3- and 4-bedroom homes. These homes will not only bring much-needed funding to our neighborhood schools, but they will also help alleviate the housing shortage that exists throughout our city and the region. Each home comes complete with a backyard and 2-car garage, and the community will include a combination of mature and young trees to add more privacy between the Juliet homes and the homes in the surrounding neighborhoods.

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Dear Council Member:

The City of Cerritos has prided itself on its family-friendly environment and its commitment to economic development. With the increased demand for housing, we need to find a way to provide families with the housing they need in our great city. With this in mind, I ask you to please support the Juliet and vote in favor of it at the February 22 council meeting.

The Juliet would replace an outdated, blighted office complex that at full occupancy would bring even more traffic to our neighborhoods. In addition to creating new homes for young families, the Juliet will result in nearly $200,000 in one-time fees to our schools and generate much-needed funds for the school and city programs that make our community great.

As we think of the development of our city, we must look to the future and the best interests of our current and future residents. I respectfully ask you to vote to approve the Juliet and the brightest possible future for Cerritos.


California’s Median Housing Price Compared to the United States

California’s median home price is 200% higher than the nation’s median home price, in large part due to slowed home building and increased demand.


LA County Home Price Increase since 2010

Thanks in part to the housing shortage, home prices in Los Angeles County – including Cerritos – have increased by almost 50% since 2010, making it harder for Cerritos families to buy homes and lay the groundwork for their financial security.


Number of Homes California Must Build Per Year to Keep Prices in Check

The Legislative Analyst’s Office found that in order to slow the increase in home prices and make housing more affordable, California must build up to 240,000 new housing units per year across the state.

Our Solution: The Juliet in Cerritos

Number of Single-Family Detached Homes

The Juliet will Feature 24 single-family detached homes, each with three or four bedrooms and a backyard. These are not apartments or condos, nor will they be gated off from our neighbors.

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Decrease in Traffic at Artesia and Shoemaker

The Juliet will replace an outdated and out-of-place office complex that at peak generates 441 daily two-way trips. By repurposing the space to residential use and bringing the parcel in line with the surrounding neighborhood, daily trips will reduce by 213 trips – a 48% decrease in traffic.

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